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    Whether you sew buttons onto projects using your machine or you do it by hand, there is still a need to secure any thread ends when you are done sewing buttons. Tara Rex shares a fun tip for how she likes to quickly and easily secure her thread ends. Sewing Buttons Tara shows that she… Read more »

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    Between work, family and other tasks that need to be done, finding time to sew can be difficult. ZJ Humbach shares some of her tips on how to set aside time to sew. Make it a Priority Making sewing a priority can help you in finding time to sew. By elevating sewing to the same… Read more »

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  • Tailoring Solo 008323f_R4291u_c

    Taking in a shirt doesn’t have to be a lengthy process. Aurora Sisneros shows you a quick and easy way to take in a shirt by yourself without having to use a dress form. Try it On The first step to taking in a shirt is obviously trying it on, not just relying on the… Read more »

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    Using bias tape is a great way to finish off the edge of a project on anything from clothes to quilts. However it can be easy to miss an edge of the tape while stitching because it is a narrow strip of fabric and you can’t see both sides while stitching. Stacy Grissom shows you… Read more »

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    Laminated cotton and oil cloth are great to use on projects you want to be fairly water resistant or easy to clean, like lunch bags, beach bags, or rain coats. However, they can be tricky to stitch with if you don’t want to use pins. Stacy Grissom shows you different ways to secure your fabric… Read more »

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    One of the great things about patchwork sewing is that you get to make up the patterns and fabric placement as you go. However, this means that you may not be pinning your fabric beforehand, but rather adding small pieces of fabric under your presser foot as you go. It can become time consuming to… Read more »

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  • How To Thread a Needle

    No matter how good your vision is, threading a needle can still be difficult. ZJ Humbach shows you how to thread a needle with ease using different types of needle threaders. A basic wire threader, included in most sewing kits, as well as a floss threader allows you to slip the thread through a large… Read more »

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  • How to Gather Fabric when Sewing

    In this video, you will learn how to gather fabric for a sewing project. Gathering is a technique that is typically used when making ruffles. ZJ Humbach demonstrates a technique that she uses to make the painful task of gathering a bit easier by using waxed dental floss and a zigzag stitch on her sewing… Read more »

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    In this video, ZJ Humbach demonstrates how Steam-A-Seam can be extremely helpful in your everyday sewing projects. Use it with applique or to create a hem that you don’t have to sew! Watch this video for tips and tricks on how to use Steam-A-Seam in all your sewing projects.

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