• 5:30

    Flat Sleeve Insertion Technique

    Learn how to use the flat sleeve insertion technique when inserting a sleeve cap into the armscye of a set-in sleeve. This technique also combines several steps in making a garment, to streamline the process. Nicki LaFoille shows you how. This technique is especially useful for small garments, where the armscye is a small circle,…

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  • Drawing a line with a ruler

    Adding Seam Allowances to a Sewing Pattern

    When drawing your own pattern, adding seam allowances can be time consuming, as you are essentially having to draw your pattern a second time. Ashley Hough shows a quick and easy way to draw in seam allowances on a pattern piece using two pencils at the same time. Adding Seam Allowances One of the basics…

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  • Hand stitching

    The Only Hand Stitching Tip You Need for Accurate Spacing

    Many people tend to shy away from hand stitching because of either the length of time it takes to complete the stitching or the difficulty of ensuring that the stitches look nice and even. Ashley Hough shares a fun hand stitching tip that makes accurately spacing your hand sewing stitches quicker and easier. The Right…

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  • Sewing sequins

    How to Sew Sequins

    Sequins can be a fun way to add some sparkle to your garments, costumes, accessories, and other sewing projects! Although they may be fun to use, they can also be tricky to sew. Beth Bradley shows us the different types of sequins that can be used, and some basic pointers on how to use them…

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  • Steam-a-seam

    Using Steam-A-Seam

    In this video, ZJ Humbach demonstrates how Steam-A-Seam can be extremely helpful in your everyday sewing projects. Use it with applique or to create a hem that you don’t have to sew! Watch this video for tips and tricks on how to use Steam-A-Seam in all your sewing projects.

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  • Pack of buttons on white fabric

    Using Nail Polish for Security When Sewing Buttons

    Whether you sew buttons onto projects using your machine or you do it by hand, there is still a need to secure any thread ends when you are done sewing buttons. Tara Rex shares a fun tip for how she likes to quickly and easily secure her thread ends. Sewing Buttons Tara shows that she…

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  • Sewing books

    Finding Time to Sew with These Easy Tips

    Between work, family and other tasks that need to be done, finding time to sew can be difficult. ZJ Humbach shares some of her tips on how to set aside time to sew. Make it a Priority Making sewing a priority can help you in finding time to sew. By elevating sewing to the same…

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  • Pinned sides of a shirt

    Taking In a Shirt

    Taking in a shirt doesn’t have to be a lengthy process. Aurora Sisneros shows you a quick and easy way to take in a shirt by yourself without having to use a dress form. Try It On The first step to taking in a shirt is obviously trying it on, not just relying on the…

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  • Using bias tape

    Using Bias Tape for a Professional Finish

    Using bias tape is a great way to finish off the edge of a project on anything from clothes to quilts. However it can be easy to miss an edge of the tape while stitching because it is a narrow strip of fabric and you can’t see both sides while stitching. Stacy Grissom shows you…

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