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I’m just starting sewing again after 40 years and when I laid out the pattern for my shirt and cut it out, I realized I had the material folded with wrong sides together as opposed to right sides. How much of a difference will this make and what do I have to do differently, if anything, when putting the shirt together to sew?

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If you cut all of your pieces with the wrong sides together rather than the right sides together if actually won’t make any difference at all. When something like this would make a difference is if you cut only some of your pattern pieces out with the fabric wrong sides together and then cut the rest with the right sides together (especially if the fabric has a definite right and wrong side). What essentially happens is that the first group of pattern pieces cut out will be the opposite of the second group and they will not line up when you go to sew your pieces together.

Hope this helps!


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18 Responses to “Material Cut With Wrong Sides Together”

  1. Jeanette

    I always cut my stuff wrong sides together so that I can see the pattern in the fabric. The problem comes when you cut pieces with the top and bottom switched like I did when making a corduroy jacket.

  2. Anita

    Great tip... thank you.

  3. Sylvia

    Very helpful answer

  4. Marlene Guindon

    I tried to shorten a pair of dress pants but i cut too much of,can this be fixed

  5. Amyah Docq

    I was surprised by this question as I am sewing for 60years+ and I always cut my patterns with the fabric wrong side together. But if all the pieces are cut the same way, it should not make a difference... ... I think!

  6. Linda S Chappell

    trying to sew together 2 gromment panels which are also lined. I keep getting uneven hems at the bottom. How to I prepare to sew this together so both hem bottoms will correctly line up? I've tried pinning panels first, and then also ironing the edges with no luck. The top layer continues to ap up while trying to sew.

  7. Jeanne

    Is there an easy way to be able to access the coloring page for the Starlight mountains project in EQ8?

  8. LYN

    I have a New Look 6095 pattern for woven fabric. The pattern is pretty basic and only has bust darts. I have heaps of knit fabric, so can I substitute the woven fabric for a knit and if so, do I still put the bust darts in? Any other modifications?

  9. Jeannie McGaughey

    ‬ I have a problem with "polyester thread & my bobbins. I have a Husqvarna sewing machine with plastic bobbins. When I wind the bobbins it seem very tight & then I have a hard time getting the bobbin off. When I do it doesn't sew well & the machine sounds real rough. Does the polyester thread stretch? Thanks for your help.

  10. Am Baldwin

    I am trying to sew again and the same curse I had before that made me give up on it is still in effect: tension. It's always something. It takes me hours to do a simple project (topstitch a hem) when it should be 5 min tops.I swear Ill try frustrated.