Project 1: Orange Slice Coasters


Welcome to your very first project of the Oh Sew Fun Sewing Challenge! We’re kicking things off with one of my very favorite projects – orange slice coasters!

These adorable coasters are made of felt. Whether you’re just learning to sew and this is your first project or you’ve been sewing for years, felt is a great fabric to work with. It’s easy to both cut and sew, doesn’t require any kind of edge finishing, and comes in just about any color imaginable. These are just some of the reasons why I chose this fun project. Also, since it’s February and in most places it’s rather snowy and cold, adding a touch of bright color to your kitchen or table setting can be lots of fun!


This project is fairly easy and several sets of coasters can be worked up in an afternoon. Feel free to try out different attachment methods for the inner sections of your orange slices, including the blanket stitch, a straight stitch, or a zig-zag stitch.

If you find that you’re having trouble pinning the pieces in place, since they are rather small, consider using a small amount of temporary spray adhesive to hold them while stitching. Or, you could use a product like fusible web and fuse the small pieces in place and then only need to stitch around the edge of the inner circle.


Either way you slice it, this project is a great one to kick off this sewing challenge! You’ll find the link to the project below, and you can check out my little video below to see my take on the coasters. And don’t forget to share your finished project in the Facebook group – I can’t wait to see them all!

– Ashley

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22 Responses to “Project 1: Orange Slice Coasters”

  1. Red

    I joined the Oh Sew Fun Challenge but not able to find any patterns, just videos. Are there any patterns to follow or are you just supposed to guess on sizes of materials etc? I’m very confused about this challenge. I just signed up and can not locate much to follow. Thanks so much.

    • Customer Service


      There are not written patterns but rather video tutorials for each project. The videos will have all of the information needed for materials, sizes and/or if the project can be made to your own desired size. When you receive the email, to watch the tutorial simply click on ‘go to project ‘.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Linda

    Can’t wait to get started. I got black,white,and royal blue it will be interesting. Maybe eggplant 🍆 slices.

  3. Joan

    I didn’t receive my e-mail for this first project. How do I make sure to receive them in the future?