Orange Slice Coasters

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Duration:   8  mins

Sewing with felt can be fun, quick and easy. Ashley Hough shows you how to make easy felt coasters in the shape of orange slices.

Supplies for Felt Coasters

For the easy sewing with felt project, all you really need is felt, your sewing machine and something to trace as a circle template. Ashley explains that she likes to use white craft felt and then a bright color for the background and accent pieces. While they may be called orange slices they can absolutely be made in any color. To cut the circles from the felt Ashley shows how she cuts a larger circle from the background color first, then cuts a white circle just a tiny bit smaller and then lastly, an even smaller circle from the first color.

Construct of Felt Coasters

Once you have the circles cut you need to turn the smallest circle into the accent wedges of the orange slice. To do this, Ashley shows how you can draw lines across the back to section off the circle and then cut along those lines. Once those are cut you can begin to layer your felt coaster. Ashley shows how to layer the white circle onto the background circle and then how to place the accent wedges. She then pins everything in place and explains how to stitch it.

There are several different ways you can stitch the felt coaster together depending on the final look you want. Ashley also explains that you can use a fabric glue and make it a quick and easy no-sew project.

Once you see how easy these felt coasters come together you are going to want to make several sets. Customize them by adding small ‘seed’ stitches to them as decoration or by making them out of your own felt by learning how to felt wool.


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9 Responses to “Orange Slice Coasters”

  1. Sharon

    I could only download the glasses cases instructions sheets. Do the other projects have sheets? Thank you.

  2. Sara Scoles

    This is a very cute project. One of the things I noticed during the close up of the machine is that the thread wasn't in the thread guide at the top of the needle. Is there a reason for this?

  3. Renee Riley

    I just joined today so my question is does this continue with the first project or do I go directly to card? I had a harder time finding instructions for the card.

  4. Tizita

    I just started the project, hope i am not too late. I'm so Interested

  5. Beverly

    Was a very easy project.

  6. alice

    I didn't know that this challenge would be through videos. I would love to enjoy it but I don't have a way to watch videos due to slow internet. Is there any way to send me a PDF instructions? I really appreciate your help. Thank you

  7. Laura Geiger

    Curious with a question. R we allowed to be resourceful and possibly use fusible white fleece instead of white felt. Wouldn't u know I have every color but white...not sure if it's OK to substitute as long as felt is used in the project. This may have been in the rules somewhere but I have slept since can someone help with my inquiry.?

  8. Savannah

    It is hard to really see the stitching. When you are doing the blanket stitch, when it does 3 then bite, are the 3 on the fabric or riding beside the fabric? So the "bites" are the only thing holding the small pieces on?

  9. sandra richardson

    can these be handwashed in cold water since they are felt? Have you made any from oilcloth?

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