The Ins and Outs of Bias Tape

Do you find yourself staring down the rows and rows of bias tape at the craft store? Not sure what to do with all those colorful packages but nonetheless drawn to them? There’s no need to hesitate when considering bias tape as an embellishment or seam finish. It’s a great way to add a personal touch or professional finish to any project.

The Ins and Outs of Bias Tape

What is Bias Tape?

Bias tape is a strip of fabric often folded and pressed in a variety of ways. To create bias tape, the strip must be cut on the bias, or at a 45 degree angle to the selvage. This gives the strip stretch to make encasing curves fun and easy. As it is cut on the bias, this keeps the strip’s edges from unraveling.

Where to Use Bias Tape

Bias tape most often encases raw edges to create a clean finish. It’s frequently used as an embellishment because it adds a touch of color to the final product. It may also be used as a seam finish for any style of encased seam.

Different Types of Bias Tape

There are a multitude of sizes and types of bias tape. The two main types commercially available include single fold and double fold.

Single Fold: The long edges of the strip are folded in and pressed toward the center.

Double Fold: The long edges of the strip are folded in and pressed toward the center, then the entire strip is folded in half along the center.

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6 Responses to “The Ins and Outs of Bias Tape”

  1. Robin White-Underwood

    <strong>Ticket 38064</strong> When joining strips to make my own bias tape, what is the secret to getting the joins straight? I know to make an "L" shape with right sides together, but after stitching, when I open up the "tape", the joins do not line up. Sometimes I have ripped out the stitches 6 times trying to get a straight piece of bias tape.

  2. Debra

    I am afraid to join bias tape what is correct procedure

  3. Barbara Becker

    I can’t remember how to fold the bias tape to make a corner to edge a blanket. Been a long time since my children were babies.

  4. Norma Bates

    I absolutely love double fold bias tape. I use it to finish the utility pockets on my pillow sacks! It adds a colorful, playful, bold touch!👍

  5. Barb

    Would like to learn more about bias tape

  6. Wanda Salcedo

    When Iam little girl, my grandmother doing me a pretty dress with to many tape in cross one to another; I remember it was Beaty! At this moment I want to do something like this ...I want to try