Ashley Hough

Top 5 Types of Zippers

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   7  mins

Ashley Hough reviews the five most common types of zippers, including the different materials used to make the teeth in different types of zippers.

Types of Zippers

Invisible Zipper

This zipper type has the coil on the wrong side of the zipper. Only the zipper tape is visible on the right side. When sewn in and zipped up, this zipper is completely hidden behind the fabric. This is one of the more common types of zippers for sewing.

Nylon Coil Zipper

This is the most commonly used zipper for sewing. This multipurpose zipper can be used in bags, home decor projects, and garments, among many other project types. Ashley warns against touching the iron directly to the coil to avoid melting the teeth.


The tapes of this zipper are able to separate completely. This zipper is necessary for a jacket or sweater, so you can get into the garment and close it up.


This zipper has two pulls, so it can be opened from either end. It does not separate fully, and the tapes remain attached together at one end.


Decorative zippers can be used in many different types of projects. The tape can be the decorative aspect of the zipper, or the teeth themselves.

Zipper Categories

Ashley gives an overview of the three main categories of zipper teeth material: coil, molded plastic, and metal. The coil zipper is the only type with teeth that can be sewn across. Molded plastic teeth and metal teeth are too hard to be sewn through and need to be treated with caution to avoid breaking your sewing machine needle.

Project Categories

Ashley goes over the different applications of these three different zipper teeth types and the project categories that are best suited for them.

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One Response to “Top 5 Types of Zippers”

  1. Lori Smanski

    thank you for sharing this wonderful knowledge. Would you sew on top of the decorative tape zipper so it shows?

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