Emily Steffen

Animal Plushie

Emily Steffen
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Duration:   28  mins

Learn how to sew a stuffed animal using a horse plush pattern— Emily Steffen shows you how, plus tips and tricks to make sewing this project fun and easy!

Getting Started

Download the stuffed animal sewing pattern.

Template 1

Template 2

From fabric, cut one body pair, one gusset pair and two ear pairs. From felt, cut one tail and mane, and any other accessory pieces you desire.

The hoof and snout are not included in the templates, but Emily shows you how to cut those pieces and discusses the best fabric choices for your stuffed animal.

Once all hoof and snout pieces are attached to the body pieces along the straight inner edge, Emily demonstrates how to stitch the ears.


The under belly gusset allows the plushie to be 3-dimensional.

Stitch the gusset straight edges, leaving an opening for turning the plushie right side out later. Then stitch one side of the gusset to one plushie body along the feet, beginning and ending at the seam at the gusset straight edge.


Emily demonstrates how to audition the placement of the mane and tail on the plushie body, then flip them so they will be stitched within the seam of the plushie body. Emily discusses tips for catching all layers in the seam, and how to fold and attach one ear on each plushie body piece.


Emily demonstrates how to stitch the remaining gusset to the legs to ensure you don’t catch the opposite gusset and legs in the stitching.

Stitch the remaining body together. Once all the seams are stitched, trim the excess seam allowances and clip the curves. Turn the plushie right side out through the hole left in the gusset seam.

Fill the plushie with stuffing as tightly as you would like, then hand stitch the opening closed.

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