How to Sew a Felt Puzzle

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Sewing projects for babies and kids are not only fun gift ideas, but they can be great ways to get older kids interested in sewing. In this step-by-step tutorial, Ashley Hough shows you how to make a felt puzzle that is a combination of standard straight and zig-zag sewing and applique.

Supplies and Sewing

To begin making this fun felt puzzle, Ashley explains the supplies that will be needed. These include felt for the back of the puzzle and felt for the font of the puzzle in colors that correspond to the design you are making. Ashley explains that many different designs can be used for these puzzles, and that the size of design you choose determines how large of puzzle you will have and how many pieces you can cut it into. If you don’t wish to draw your own design for the puzzle, easy kids coloring pages provide lots of fun options.

Ashley then shows how to begin by cutting out your design pieces and arranging them on a large piece of felt. She then shows how to applique them in place. For this step, you can use any applique stitch you want- from straight to zig-zag to blanket stitch. Once the shape has been stitched in place, Ashley shows how to cut through the design to create the puzzle pieces. She then shows how to take the small pieces just cut and stitch them onto a background piece of felt. This will secure the edges and cover up all of the stitching that was on the wrong side of the puzzle piece.

Once all of the pieces have been secured to the background pieces you can start using your fun felt puzzle. If you are looking for more project ideas, specifically those that are geared towards younger kids, check out this tutorial for a fun kids tooth fairy pillow.

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