Janet Pray

All About Sewing Zippers

Janet Pray
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Duration:   20  mins

Learn how to sew a zipper two ways, plus tips for sewing zippers to ensure a stress-free zipper insertion every time.

Sewing on zippers can be frustrating, but in this video, you’ll learn how to complete the slot zipper insertion, also known as the centered zipper, and the lap (or lapped) zipper insertion in easy-to-follow steps. Plus, you’ll learn numerous tips for sewing zippers.

First, learn about different types of zipper feet and which will make for the most successful zipper insertion. You’ll also get tips for interfacing the zipper opening to ensure a durable zipper.

Slot Zipper

For the first step in the slot zipper installation, you’ll learn about proper zipper placement to ensure the correct distance from a skirt waistband.

This slot zipper insertion technique does not require you to baste the zipper area of the garment, but rather press the open seam allowances the requisite distance toward the wrong side. This way, when you align your zipper at the folded edge of the fabric, it is much easier to see and maintain the alignment.

No pins are necessary, if you follow the demonstrated technique of holding the zipper in alignment while you stitch along the marked lines.

Lap Zipper

A lap zipper is often found in the center back of a dress, or in the side seam of a skirt. This zipper is completely concealed behind the lap, so a matching zipper is not necessary.

Preparation is the same as for the slot zipper. However, for this zipper, the first fabric fold is aligned next to the teeth, not on top of them. Using the demonstrated technique, you will be able to stitch the lapped zipper with ease every time.

Use zippers in other projects, such as this Zipper Pouch, and find inspiration for other fun ways to sew on zippers.

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