Brenda K.B. Anderson

Sprout Crinkle Paper Teether

Brenda K.B. Anderson
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Duration:   32  mins

Babies love the sound of crinkle paper and love chewing on everything, especially when they’re teething.

Rather than reusing household materials, Brenda recommends ordering crinkle material specifically designed for crafting, because it’s machine washable and durable. Find the link to the crinkle paper Brenda used in the full written instructions.

You’ll also need a wooden ring and an outer fabric that’s stable enough that it won’t shift when doing the decorative satin stitches, such as a quilting cotton fabric. You’ll also need terry cloth for the interlining that has absorbent loops on both sides of the fabric. Brenda also recommends using a glue stick for temporarily adhering the layers together, and a marker to mark the leaf veins for the decorative stitching.

If you are using a glue stick and marker, be sure they’re non-toxic, so the teether will be safe for baby to put in their mouth.

Download the two leaf templates.

Brenda demonstrates how to layer the leaf pieces together as well as how to mark and stitch the leaf vein details using a satin stitch.

Once the embroidery is finished, align the two leaf pieces with right sides together. Brenda demonstrates how to attach one layer of crinkle paper between the leaf layers. Once the layers are stitched, clip and notch along the leaf curves, then turn the leaves right-side out through the opening left in the long, straight section between the leaves.

Brenda recommends finger-pressing the leaf rather than using a hot iron on this project with the crinkle paper inside. Tuck the opening seam allowances to the inside and top stitch the perimeter.

Brenda demonstrates how to tie the leaf around the wooden ring to create a crinkly, absorbent baby toy and teether.

For more projects for baby, create cute and easy pacifier clips or a car seat cover.

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