Sew Your Own Designer Baby Pacifier Clips

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Whether you already have a baby, have one on the way or know someone who does, there are many things you can sew for the new addition. Stacy Grissom shows you how to sew your own baby pacifier clips in a few simple steps.


To make your own baby pacifier clips you only need a few supplies. First, you will need a pacifier. Make sure it is one that has a loop or an area on the back that allows it to be attached to something. Most come like this, however it’s always good to check. Next you will need some kind of clip. Stacy uses mitten clips for her baby pacifier clips. Mitten clips can sometime be found with a strip of elastic attaching two clips. This elastic can either be removed completely or simply cut in half and then attached to the end of the ribbon. Some stores also carry bags of clips that are called either mitten clips or pacifier clips.

For the main body of the baby pacifier clips you will need two lengths of approximately 1” wide grosgrain ribbon. This is a fairly strong ribbon and will stand up to repeated use. You will also need a length of thinner ribbon to attach the clip to the pacifier.


Stacy shows how to assemble the baby pacifier clips by finishing one raw edge on each length of ribbon and then securing the thinner ribbon to the top. She then aligns the two lengths of ribbon with wrong sides together and stitches the perimeter, making sure to secure the small loop of ribbon in place by stitching over it several times. She then shows how to attach the remaining free end of the ribbon into the mitten clip and secure. Once you have made several baby pacifier clips and are ready to move on to your next baby sewing project, learn how to make an infant car seat cover.

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