How to Make an Infant Car Seat Cover

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Keeping a baby nice and warm while in a car seat can be difficult. Most car seat manufacturers urge you not to dress your little one in large bulky coats, as this can affect the safety measures of the seat, and most babies move around enough to kick blankets off of themselves. Stacy Grissom shows you how to make an infant car seat cover with a unique bag design that keeps your little one warm and cozy.


To make this infant car seat cover you need only around a half yarn of fabric, a couple inches of elastic and two lengths of cording. Stacy uses both minky and cotton fabric to make her car seat cover, but explains how other fabric can be used as well. Since you are wanting the cover to keep a baby warm, having a lining fabric of either minky, fleece, flannel or other warm fabric is recommended.


Stacy show how to make an infant car seat cover from start to finish, showing just how quick and easy this project is. She begins with a large rectangle of fabric and shows how to fold and cut along the edges to create the bag design. She then demonstrates how to attach the elastic to the lower edge and the two lengths of cording to the upper edges. Stacy also shares several sewing shortcuts by showing how basting tape can be used to hold things in place rather than pins. This can come in especially handy for things like elastic and cording where placing pins can be difficult. If new to the product, ensure you are buying basting tape, which is a temporary product and can be easily removed. Other similar looking products, like steam a seam, are permanent and cannot be removed from the project. Stacy shows how to stitch the two layers of fabric together and finish with top stitching. She then demonstrates how to attach the cover to the car seat and of course how to fit your little one inside.

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