Nicki LaFoille

How to Use a Rolled Hem Foot

Nicki LaFoille
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Duration:   8  mins

Learn how to use the rolled hem presser foot to easily create a narrow hem on even the most delicate fabrics. Nicki LaFoille shows you how.

Nicki discusses the different sizes of rolled hem foot, such as the 3mm and 6mm; each will create a different size hem. The narrower swirl on the 3mm foot can be used on a lighter weight fabric, such as chiffon, but the slightly larger swirl on the 6mm foot can be used for slightly heavier weight fabrics, such as a cotton.

Using a rolled hem presser foot takes a bit of practice. Using the rolled hem presser foot on different fabrics may require slightly different techniques. Dedicate some time to testing and practicing on the fabric before stitching the final hem.

Nicki demonstrates how to begin the hem, by double-folding the fabric raw edge, pressing and pinning for several inches. Then, place the foot over the hem and stitch a few stitches. With the needle down in the fabric, lift the foot and use a pin or stiletto to insert the hem fold into the foot’s curved metal interior.

The way the fabric is folded as it goes into the foot controls the amount of fabric that is folded into the hem.

Nicki recommends moving your needle position over to the left slightly, to help catch the raw folded edge in the stitching. If using a very fine fabric, such as chiffon, placing a layer of tissue paper under the fabric as a stabilizer can help create a flat hem without ripples.

For more on presser feet, check out Common Sewing Machine Feet and When to Use Them. For more on different styles of hemming, learn how to create the blind hem, how to hem a curved edge, or how to hem jeans.

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One Response to “How to Use a Rolled Hem Foot”

  1. Ciska

    The camera doesn't zoom in enough to get a proper look at what's happening. The view of the different presser feet is impossible to see and it would've been nice to have a close-up of the stitching.

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