How to Blind Hem

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Duration:   6:59   mins

Aurora Sisneros demonstrates great tips for tackling your blind hems. Learn several techniques and tricks to assist you with difficult points in sewing your blind hem. Also, find out how to use a sewing machine rather than hand stitching your blind hem.

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20 Responses to “How to Blind Hem”

  1. Ana Snow

    It didn’t seem clear the of how to adjust the foot. Is the wheel on the foot against the serged edge.

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      Hello Ana,

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  2. Janet Hammond

    Aurora is a very good teacher – good information put across very well, thank you Aurora!

  3. Ruth

    Best demonstration on this kind of hemming I have ever seen. Great instructions!

  4. Angela Smith

    A very useful ‘how’ to!. But the pant is dark the thread is dark. Difficult to see!. Also using the ‘wall’ comment instead of ‘space’ between stitch is confusing. Great effort though in describing a difficult job.

  5. Regina Shea

    Now I get it. I have a blind hem foot and I tried practicing on scrap fabric but I couldn’t figure it out. Now I understand. Thanks Aurora!

  6. Lise

    It would be nice to have a lighter pair of pants with dark thread so we can see what you are saying

  7. Sylvia

    That’s the best demonstration of a blind hem that I’ve seen. Thanks Aurora, your demonstrations are always easily understandable and a pleasure to watch even though I have been sewing for many years.

  8. Zulaiga

    Thank you. I didn’t know how to do a blind hem. Didn’t even know a blind hem foot existed. Your tutorial is clear even for a complete beginner. Thank you very much.

  9. Erika

    My sewing machine doesn’t have a blind hem stitch. Any suggestions? Could I fake it with a zig zag? Thank you!

    • Customer Service


      Yes you can fake this stitch on your machine. However, rather than a zig zag – I would recommend a blanket stitch if you have it. This stitch more closely resembles the blind hem stitch in that there are several straight stitches taken in between the stitches that swing out and actually grab the hem.

      Hope this helps!

  10. Kris

    I do blind hemming all the time, but since I hate hand sewing, I purchased a blind hemmer. That is all the machine does, but it looks professional and you can’t see the stitching on the right side, even if you use white thread on a pair of black pants.

  11. Laurie

    I never was satisfied with blind hemming on my home sewing machines. I hand sewed when I could, but when I had the opportunity, I purchased a used commercial hemmer. Love it. Makes alterations and repairs go way faster.

  12. Sammil Durham

    I want you to know that the person sewing made it seem so simple. She is really good at explaining technique. Thank you very much for sharing this. I’m NEW to sewing, but I think I shall join and enjoy what you have to offer.

  13. Norma

    Another hint is to loosen the needle tension just a bit. Your hem will lay flatter.

  14. Yazmin

    Aurora, your videos are always straight to the point and very clear. I was looking for a tutorial to hem a project I’m doing so this is heaven-sent. Thank you for your tutorials!!!

  15. RLee49

    This video has been very helpful. for some reason the “blind hem” has been difficult for me to grasp. I’m hoping now with this video i can finally accomplish this. Thank you

  16. C.

    Thank you Aurora for this tutorial. After watching you it made sense and now I think I can do it…….C.

  17. $130991507

    Altering pants is not rocket science!! I have been a professional alterations lady and the name of my business is “The Alterations Lady”. I have supported a family with my sewing skills, and have done alterations for a lot of satisfied customers. I do not like to cut out a garment from scratch and put it together!! I refurbish, and alter ready to wear and make them fit! I can look at a garment on a person and tell what needs to be done to make it right for that person. You can make money with your sewing!! I have done it for years!!! I do not understand why someone doesn’t realize that there is a great need in this country for alterations people!!! This type of sewing seems to be dying out!! Someone needs to take up this cause, and maybe I am the one to do it!!!

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