• 7:29

    LIVE! Easy Sew: Cute and Colorful Pillow Series – Week 1

    Learn how to make an ombre tassel pillow with Emily Steffen. Make sure to download the free pillow patterns before the show!

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  • 1:04:03

    NSC LIVE! May 2020

    On this month’s LIVE Q&A, Ashley Hough and special guest, Nicki LaFoille, answered viewer questions on draping, organza and troubleshooting problems with your sewing machine.

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  • 1:02:20

    NSC LIVE! April 2020

    Join Ashley Hough and special guest Nicki LaFoille as they answer LIVE viewer questions and chat about all things zippers, sewing on stretchy fabric, such as spandex, and the best sewing machines for beginners! If you missed it LIVE, watch now to catch up with us!

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  • 30:49

    NSC LIVE! At Home Projects With Kids

    Join Ashley Hough on a special NSC LIVE event all about creating projects with your little ones. We need to keep them active while stuck at home! Follow along as Ashley works on a sewing project with her son.

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  • 50:17

    NSC LIVE! March 2020

    During this month’s NSC LIVE Q&A, Nicki LaFoille answered viewer questions about buying fabric online, sewing projects to entertain your kids and the best ways to problem solve skipped stitches. Watch it now if you missed it LIVE!

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  • 31:09

    NSC LIVE! February 2020

    During this month’s NSC LIVE event, Ashley Hough and special guest Ellen March answered member questions on embroidery, the best way to cut fabrics and a few beginner steps on how to get into quilting.

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  • 33:19

    NSC LIVE! January 2020

    On this month’s NSC LIVE, Ashley Hough and Ellen March discussed back stitching, setting seems, keeping inverted corners crisp, and embroidery machines! Watch it now if you missed it live!

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  • 33:40

    NSC LIVE! December 2019

    In this month’s NSC LIVE, Ashley Hough was joined by special guest Ellen March, Director of Content for Sulky of America.

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  • 1:03:32

    NSC LIVE! November 2019

    Did you miss November’s LIVE event? Catch the full recap here with Ashley Hough and Nicki LaFoille. They answer your sewing questions live in this fun, interactive, and informative Q&A.

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