• Polka dot fabric

    Sewing with Minky Material or Cuddle Fabric

    Cuddle fabric, sometimes called Minky, is a soft fabric that is popular to use when sewing for children or babies. Ellen March gives you tips for how to work with this fabric, how to pair it with other fabrics and even gives several fun project ideas. Preparing Your Space Cuddle fabric is generally found with…

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  • Using a Serger to Sew a Simple Fitted Sheet

    Using a Serger to Sew a Simple Fitted Sheet

    Fitted sheets can get expensive to buy, especially if they’re made from a luxurious fabric like Minky. Watch as Ellen March takes you through the steps of how to make your own. Learn what size mattress this project works best with and why, how to take the right measurements and how to construct the sheet.…

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