• Fun and easy tooth fairy pillow

    Make a Fun and Easy Tooth Fairy Pillow

    When it comes to losing teeth, most kids are excited to leave the tooth under their pillow and see what the tooth fairy brings them. Whether your child is a light sleeper, or you just have difficulty finding the tooth under their pillow- a tooth fairy pillow is the perfect solution. Stacy Grissom takes you…

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  • Flower fabric bag

    How to Sew Vinyl Windows into a Fun Project Bag

    Most crafters tend to have more than one project in the works at all times. Learn how to sew vinyl into a project bag as a way to create a window that allows you to easily see what’s inside without having to open the bag. Aurora Sisneros takes you step-by-step through how to make this…

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  • Fabric Tips: Sewing Fleece

    Fabric Tips: Sewing Fleece

    Fleece can be a great fabric to work with and in this video ZJ Humbach shares with you why sewing fleece is one of her favorites! At 60 inches wide it’s one of the more cost effective fabrics to buy, it’s warm and lightweight, and has the added benefit of not raveling. This not only…

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