• 30:20

    Sew Your Dog a Coat

    Learn how to take your dog’s measurements and draw a custom pattern to make a stylish coat that fits them perfectly and keeps them cozy. Nicki LaFoille shows you how. Download the dog coat worksheet to keep track of your dog’s measurements. Once you’ve taken your dog’s measurements as described in the video and recorded…

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  • 13:40

    Create Your Own Hand Embroidery Patterns

    Learn what types of photos would make good hand embroidery patterns, and how to isolate elements from a photograph to create a hand embroidery that will be easy to complete and make a pleasing finished product. You’ll also learn some tips for taking a good photo that will make a great embroidery pattern. Whether it’s…

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  • 31:08

    Make an Apron from a Men’s Shirt

    For shirts that are too large, or have holes in the sleeves or back, recycle the shirt front by turning it into a fun apron. Nicki LaFoille shows you how! Begin by cutting along the side seam, leaving the topstitched felled seam intact, if applicable. Nicki goes over how to alter the size of the…

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  • 26:57

    Sprout Drool Bib

    Whether for mealtimes or for a teething baby, Brenda K.B. Anderson designed this absorbent bandana-style bib to tuck up below the chin to catch excess drool or food spills. Download the bib templates and print. Follow Brenda’s instructions to tape together the pattern pieces. Cut out the designated pattern pieces from outer fabric, absorbent interlining,…

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  • 32:42

    Sprout Crinkle Paper Teether

    Babies love the sound of crinkle paper and love chewing on everything, especially when they’re teething. Rather than reusing household materials, Brenda recommends ordering crinkle material specifically designed for crafting, because it’s machine washable and durable. Find the link to the crinkle paper Brenda used in the full written instructions. You’ll also need a wooden…

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  • 1:02:50

    Infant Dress Pattern

    Stitch a cute summer dress for a child, using the pattern with sizes ranging from infant dress pattern up to size 8. Use trim in rainbow colors to create a unique bodice with fluttery ruffled clouds. Brenda K.B. Anderson shows you how! Download the infant dress sewing pattern. For skirt and strap measurements for each…

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  • Modern hexagon blocks

    Modern Hexagon Blocks

    Learn how to adapt quilting techniques to add hexagon blocks to your sewing projects. No quilting knowledge is necessary to easily create hexagon appliques to attach to any project. Ashley Hough demonstrates this hexagon English paper piecing method. Acrylic templates make cutting out perfect hexagons fast and easy. In addition to acrylic templates, pre-cut paper…

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  • Canadian smocking

    Canadian Smocking

    Learn how to use the Canadian smocking technique to create a beautiful woven effect for pillows and other sewing projects. Begin with a piece of fabric 50-60% larger than the desired finished piece. There are many varieties of Canadian smocking textures. Some patterns don’t shrink symmetrically; check to be sure you begin with a large…

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  • Seams on leather

    Decorative Ways to Seam Leather

    You can stitch leather using a typical home sewing machine, no heavy-duty machine is required. Ashley Hough teaches you seaming techniques for any leather project that are both functional and decorative, using a combination of machine and hand stitching. Leather can typically be found in packages of small pieces in craft and fabric stores. Ashley…

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