• Adding a velcro circle

    Make a Cord Keeper from Your Fabric Stash

    Learn how to make a quick and easy cord keeper from small scraps of fabric, Stacy Grissom shows you how. Supplies to Make a Cord Keeper For this project, all you need are some fabric scraps, interfacing and a piece of velcro. Stacy explains what size of rectangle to cut your fabric to make a…

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  • Fabric Scrap Projects: Patchwork Pillow Case

    Fabric Scrap Projects: Patchwork Pillow Case

    Whether you’re new to sewing or you’ve been doing it for years, you’ve probably got more than a few pieces of scrap fabric lying around. Tara Rex shows you how to turn those scraps into fun fabric scrap projects by doing a patchwork. Patchwork is the process of piecing together lots of little pieces of…

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