• map quilt

    Make a USA Map Quilt from Your Quilt Scraps

    Using up small scraps of fabric can sometimes be tricky. Odds are they aren’t all from the same project, so they may not match. In this map quilt project, see how to use fabrics of all colors and prints together in one fun quilted home decor piece- Ashley Hough shows you how. Download USA map…

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  • Fabric Scrap Projects: Patchwork Pillow Case

    Fabric Scrap Projects: Patchwork Pillow Case

    Whether you’re new to sewing or you’ve been doing it for years, you’ve probably got more than a few pieces of scrap fabric lying around. Tara Rex shows you how to turn those scraps into fun fabric scrap projects by doing a patchwork. Patchwork is the process of piecing together lots of little pieces of…

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