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Thank you for creating the “Using Bias Tape for a Professional Finish” video! I didn’t know that one part of the bias tape was wider than the other! How do I finish neatly if I use bias binding on the hem of a doll dress? The bias binding is going around the hem, but I have difficulty finishing it neatly. This would be very helpful to me. Thank you in advance!

Submitted by Mary Jane

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One way to ensure a neatly finished bias binding is to stitch the binding to the right side using the machine and then once it is folded to the wrong side you can stitch it by hand with an invisible whip stitch. This will eliminate the problem that a lot of people have of either having the stitching showing or areas of the binding on the wrong side not being caught in the stitching. If you like the idea of not being able to see the stitches but do not want to do any hand sewing- you can always use a product like fusible hem tape (as long as you can press the fabric the bias binding is being attached to) to hold the wrong side of the bias binding in place.

Hope this helps!


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4 Responses to “Neatly Finished Bias Binding”

  1. Lisa

    Thanks for sharing this helpful guide. I will use this technique in my upcoming Sewing project

  2. FAY

    I was looking for how to neatly end the bias binding, the overlapping to finish the project. Those instructions are not including in "Neatly Finished Bias Binding."

  3. MAY Banks

    showing how to use bias binding was very helpful

  4. msjewett65

    i found a pattern that I really like but the bust is off by 4inches, waist 2 1/2 inches and the hips are off by 6 inches. I will need to adjust all to a larger size. Can this be done with out changing the dress too much. I am plus size and the pattern only goes to a 24.