Applying Bias Tape to Edges and Mitering Corners

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Bias tape is a great way to finish the edges of a project, whether you are making something as large as a quilt or as small as a placemat. Learn different techniques for applying bias tape, including different methods for single and double fold tape- Ashley Hough shows you how.

Tips to Applying Bias Tape

The method you choose for using bias tape for finishing can depend on your project and the type of tape you are using. Ashley begins by explaining the difference between bias tape and straight grain tape. Bias tape is made by cutting strips of fabric on the bias, which is the 45 degree angle from the straight of grain of fabric. This is where the fabric has the most stretch, meaning this type of binding is best used on projects that have a curved edge.

Straight grain tape is made from cutting strips of fabric on the straight of grain. Generally fabric does not have a lot of stretch or give in this direction and therefore this type of tape is best used for square projects or those with straight edges only.

Ashley then shows the difference between single fold and double fold tape. While they essentially look the same once they have been sewn in place, methods of applying bias tape can differ. Ashley shows how to sew double fold tape in place by simply wrapping it over the edge of your project and sewing both sides in place at the same time.

Single fold tape, rather, is first sewn to one side of the project and then wrapped around the edge and secured to the other side. Ashley also shares some of the other ins and outs of bias tape including how to attach it around a corner making what is known as a miter.

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