What Can I Sew for My Grandson?

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Hello! I have just purchased a new sewing machine and was wondering if you have any ideas of things I could sew for my beautiful 10-month-old grandson. I am only a basic sewer and I don’t have an overlocker. I just need some ideas to get me motivated to start. Thanks!

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Congratulations on your new grandson! Hand-sewn items for him are sure to be treasured forever. Here are several ideas to get you started:

  • Since you are a basic sewer you could consider embellishing a store-bought article of clothing. That takes out the complicated step of sewing something from scratch, but still has a lovely personalized touch. Here’s a video you might find helpful: Sewing an Applique Onesie
  • Another fun and fairly easy project would be a bib (which you could also embellish with ideas from the video above). This video takes you through the steps: How to Make Bias Tape
  • A quilt could be another fun idea. Don’t be intimidated by this if you are just starting out sewing. A quilt top can be as simple as just squares stitched together – it doesn’t have to be a complicated pattern. And, you can always have someone else do the quilting for you! Minky is a great fabric to use for baby quilts: Sewing with Minky
  • We also have some other articles and videos with tons of projects to sew for babies, so you may be interested in:

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    How to Make a Ring Sling to Carry a Baby
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    How to Sew a Felt Puzzle
    How to Make Bias Tape for Baby Bibs

    I hope these ideas give you some inspiration!

    If you’re looking to try your hand at some patterns, I recommend visiting your local fabric store as they will have several different pattern books with great kid’s clothes ideas. Check out the Simplicity and McCall’s books – they will have easier, more beginner-level patterns with easy-to-follow instructions. Butterick patterns are also good but can be a bit trickier (unless it’s specifically labeled as easy), and the same goes for Burda. Also, most pattern books have an “Easy” section or a section for “quick” or “1-hour projects” – these would be great for beginners as well.

    Good luck, and happy sewing!


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    8 Responses to “What Can I Sew for My Grandson?”

    1. Robin Heslop

      I am looking for kits to put together

    2. Paula

      I've been sewing over 50 years and love making things for the grandkids. There are patterns that have several items and multiple sizes. We have 4 adult sons and I made all their clothes from the time they were born up until high school. One of my favorite things was their underwear. Our oldest and youngest were in the Navy and I still made underwear sometimes for them. I quit when our youngest complained about his home made were always getting stolen. I still make my husbands underwear and mine. Oh, I've never seen the need for an overlock machine so don't worry about that.

    3. Joep

      Why not simply start with an easy-to-make stuffed animal. You could make it from plain cotton in different ways: 1. with a narrow and short zigzag on the outside, and stuff it just before closing the 2 pieces fully together, or 2. after zigzagging both pieces, sewing the right sides together with a straight stitch but leave al little gap open for stuffing.Turn around, stuff and sew the last part together by hand.

    4. Jillian

      1.You could make him a swimming bag. Most kids these days start swimming lessons while they are still in nappies. A good fabric for this is coated backed curtain material. 2. A nice soft rug/quilt for the floor of his playpen. 3. You could make him his own towel - either applique a motif or do a fancy stitch. My gkids have their names on theirs. Their mother always knows whose towel is on the floor!.4. A tooth fairy pillow later on (about 5 years of age). 5. A pillowslip just to take to school camp. Good luck.

    5. Linda

      My son was given several wildly patterned shirts, similar to "Hawaiian " shirts. I felt pleased to have people notice that he wasn't dressed like all the other kids in daycare or stores. The shirts were zoo animals, wild geometrics, colored leaves, etc. Even though they had collars they were fairly basic patterns. I made him more as he grew and even through the school grades he has always had stylish shirts to set him apart. We aren't sports fans, and don't advertise on our clothes. He even had "first day of school" shirts, as my family did growing up, it was a nice tradition.

    6. Debbie

      Last week you posted a pillow with a child carrying the pillow w/ a handle, now I cannot find it. Today is 11-11-18.

    7. Carolyn

      I have had a stroke but, am able to freely use my left and partial right hand. I’m looking forward to using my sewing machine again!

    8. Joy

      What needle is recommended for a Minky quilt