Jessica Giardino

How to Sew a Cute Baby Washcloth

Jessica Giardino
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Duration:   7  mins

Washcloths are a great quick and easy sewing project to make. Jessica Giardino shows you how to make a cute baby washcloth embellished with twill tape and explains how to make a larger adult size too.

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For this baby washcloth sewing project Jessica uses two different types of fabric – terry cloth and flannel. Terry cloth is most readily found in solid colors whereas flannel fabric can be found in numerous prints, so pairing the two fabrics gives a nice look. Jessica also explains that you can use just one or the other of the two fabrics, depending on the look and desired feel you want for your washcloth. Since the terry cloth used in her baby washcloth is a solid color, Jessica shows how to add an embellishment of twill tape to one of the edges. Not only does this provide some decoration but it makes the washcloth look more like a traditional store bought washcloth. Jessica explains that any type of embellishment can be added to the washcloth but that you want to make sure it is something soft that will not scratch or irritate the skin.


After explaining the different sizes you can make a washcloth, Jessica demonstrates the first step of construction, which is rounding all four corners. Once that step is done the two pieces of fabric can be stitched together. For this project you can use either a ¼” or a ½” seam allowance. Be sure to know what seam allowance you want to use ahead of time as a larger seam allowance will make for a slightly smaller washcloth. After it is stitched she then shows how to notch the rounded edges and finish the baby washcloth. For another fun and easy baby project – check out how to make an infant car seat cover.

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8 Responses to “How to Sew a Cute Baby Washcloth”



  2. Janet Hammond

    I love these! Jessica is a very good teacher, she has a soothing voice and 'you can do it' attitude. Great video.

  3. Begonia

    I was looking for ideas to complement a baby blanket I made fir my nephew's newborn. Thank you. Thus is perfect. I plant to embroider a few words on the twill tape too.

  4. Nermin

    Very cute. I would love to make the washcloth as well as bibs and burp clothes but am concerned about using flannel or cotton as the backing as these need ironing after ever wash. What would you advise

  5. Meredith

    Great idea! Never thought about it - especially for the kitchen!

  6. Lynne

    That is such a lovely idea and as you say you can make a complete set as a gift. Thank you, love the light hearted way you conduct your class. X

  7. Kris

    These baby washcloths are very cute. I never thought of using flannel, I've always used terry cloth and cotton binding. I do like the idea of doing some quilting on it also. Thanks!

  8. Laurie

    So much nicer than the store bought baby wash cloths. .

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