• Coin purse

    How to Sew a Fun, Easy and Unique Coin Purse

    A coin purse is a fun project that can be made from small amounts of fabric and interfacing. Jessica Giardino shows you how to cut out and sew a coin purse and then attach it to either a sew in or glue in clasp frame. Supplies For the coin purse Jessica shows how to make…

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  • Padded seat cover for a stool

    How to Make a Padded Seat Cover for a Stool

    Adding a cover to a stool is a great way to customize it and add color to a room. Learn how to make a seat cover with coordinating piping and a fun scalloped edge. Measurements Before you can learn how to make a seat cover you need to take several measurements. Ashley Hough shows how…

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  • Sewing Vinyl

    Sewing Vinyl: Make a Zippered Bag

    Sewing vinyl can be intimidating if you’ve never tried it before, but just because it looks and feels very different from a fabric like cotton doesn’t mean it’s difficult to sew. Aurora Sisneros shows you how easy sewing vinyl can be and takes you step-by-step through making a great vinyl zippered bag. The vinyl bag…

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