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Project 7: Oilcloth Wallet

We have reached the final project – the oilcloth wallet. This project is fun to make, and the inside pockets can easily be customized depending on what you carry in your wallet (cash and checkbooks or credit cards). While this project may have a few more pieces and steps, all of the same basic oilcloth…

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Project 6: Pincushion Pies

This is an adorably delicious looking project- pincushion pies! This project is one of the more addictive projects in our challenge, and once you make one you’ll want to make them all. In this challenge you will get instructions on how to make five different pies; pumpkin, cherry, blueberry, banana cream and black forest. These…

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Project 4: Pleated Oilcloth Clutch

This week we will be making a pleated oilcloth clutch. This project comes together fairly quickly, and once you see that oilcloth isn’t as intimidating as it looks, you’ll want to make several clutches! This project is a great introduction to this fun and versatile fabric if you are new to it. You will get…

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Project 3: Simple Sewing Gift Bags

This week’s project is a quick and easy one that will teach you a new technique- fabric gift bags. This project is one of the most versatile projects in the challenge as it can be made in any size, shape, color or style.While this project may come together rather quick and easy, you will still…

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