What’s a New Sewing Trick You’ve Learned?

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Our sewing community is so skilled! We asked on our Facebook Page if any of you had a new sewing trick you’d like to share, and we got so many great responses. Learn more about your fellow sewers and what tricks they have picked up along the way. Make sure to try out a few of them and let us know how it goes!

Do you have any great skills you’ve learned? Share them with us in the comments below!

What’s a new sewing trick you’ve learned?

“I use those little tiny brushes made to clean between your teeth to grab threads out of the bobbin compartment of my machine. It will also grab clumps of lint too!”
Kristy F.

“Eyebrow trimmers for seam rippers! And the 99cents store carries them; they are cheap but very useful.”
Laura L.

“To make my sewing room awesome so I never want to leave!”
Rebecca S.

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“Putting on bias so it doesn’t miss on the underside… I use this all the time and taught new sewers this new trick!”
Christina K.

“Sewing ends of fabric together to form a tube when putting it in the washer to prewash. Comes out untangled.”
Ginny P.

“Put the rough side of Velcro on the bottom of your foot pedals to stop it from moving.”
Roslyn B.

“Use a wooden skewer in front of the presser foot to smoothly feed fabric that is bunching and bulging. It is better than a metal stylus because if the skewer hits the needle, the needle won’t break.”
Carol H.

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“I use adhesive skateboard tape from Amazon on the back of my foot pedal, it keeps it from sliding on carpet and hard floor. It can be cut to fit, is cheap, comes in many colors and there is plenty leftover to share with your guild members.”
Julie L.

“Just saw an idea for doing panels with “framed” motifs. You fold and press to match the block, then sew those pressed lines, so it looks like it’s framed. I need to try this!!!”
Laura G.

“I have granite counters in my kitchen. I know the importance of ironing seams as you sew but like many, I would skip this step. Now I iron on my counter tops and just keep my iron on as I sew.”
Denise K.

“Learn how to sew without pinning! So much faster and no risk of breaking a needle.”
Janet C.

“I wanted to share a few tips. #1: If you start sewing and it’s been awhile since you last oiled your machine, make sure to do so before you start a long project. Then make sure to keep up with the oiling. #2: Keep your machine CLEAN (that means the bobbin area). I had a friend years ago who taught me how to take BASIC care of my car (under the hood). He said if I kept my oil changed, power steering fluid, brake fluid, tires inflated properly, that I would have a car that would last a long time. He was right. Same thing with a sewing machine. Check your needles, oil, lint infestation in the bobbin, simple stuff! BUT you kind of have to know your machine, which you will if you use it long enough. Thanks, all for your GREAT tips.”
Thea R.

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“Umm… check your bobbin… before you start sewing…”
Gloria O.

“I run three bobbins of my neutral thread so I don’t have to stop and run one in the middle of something.”
Sherry W.

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“I only found out last week that if you pull off the top of your Guterman thread spool, you can store your needle inside!”
Jane W.

“Always make sure your bobbin is full of thread before you start to sew! I learned the hard way!”
Joan R.

“I use a chopstick for pushing out corners.”
Wendy H.

“Using a tin of compressed air to clean the overlocker/serger.”
Maria H.

“It was about 5 years ago that I read an article in a magazine. If you sew at all, keep AT LEAST 7 seam rippers nearby. The reasons: if you know you made a mistake and need the ripper, at least one better be nearby. Also – if you need a ripper, you are already frustrated so you don’t want to get more frustrated hunting for one.”
Thea R.

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“Say the fabric is for a friend.”
Barbara W.

“Needle to thread not thread to needle when threading a needle.”
Shirley M.

“Using a fork to evenly sew pleats!”
Anna R.

We want to hear from you! What sewing tricks have you learned?

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