Ashley Hough

How to Make Baby Taggies

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   12  mins

Baby taggies are great gifts to sew for babies, either for your own or to give as a baby shower gift. In this video, Ashley Hough shows you how to make cute sports-themed baby taggies.

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Fabric and Supplies

For these baby taggies, Ashley shows how to make them using minky fabric and ribbon. While minky fabric is used here, you can use any kind of fabric you want, from cotton to flannel to fleece. The most important component of a baby taggie is the ribbon. Loops of ribbon are used to form ‘tags’ around the outer perimeter of the shape that a baby can play with. Ashley shows several different types of ribbon you can use, anything from small, narrow ribbon to wider ribbon and varying textures as well. Be sure you do not use ribbon with wire or any other kind of stiffener. Ashley also shows a fun ribbon option to look for if you are not wanting to purchase a large spool of ribbon.


Ashley shows two different sports themed baby taggies that you can make: a football and a baseball. She shows how to layer any decoration needed onto the front of one piece first, and then explains how to cut several lengths of ribbon to fold and pin along the outer edge. She shows how to place the ribbon so that it will get caught in the seam allowance.

Ashley then shows how to stitch the two sides of the baby taggie together, turn it right side out and finish it. While these baby taggies were made in the shapes of a football and a baseball, any shape can be cut out and made into a taggie. Ashley also shares a fun idea of adding teething toys onto the baby taggie to make it two toys in one. Once you finish your baby taggie, check out more ideas for baby projects.

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