Organizing Your Machine Stitches

Duration: 6:16

Tara Rex provides helpful tips on how to best organize your machine stitches. You will find these tips will save you time and potential frustration. Find out what classes are available to assist you with understanding your sewing machine. Learn the many stitch options your machine has. Use these tips to ensure a successful and fun sewing experience.

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11 Responses to “Organizing Your Machine Stitches”
  1. Donna

    This is a terrible video! Did you just grab her off the street and make her record this? Her monotone and hesitation made this hard to watch and listen to. Glad I didn’t pay for this one!

    • jean.wozniak

      Hi Donna. Thank you for your feedback. I will forward your comments on to the proper department.

  2. Beverly

    I thought it was helpful. I have a brother machine and I am looking to upgrade can you tell me the model of her Brother machine. I would like one that does this type of flowers etc. Thanks for your help

    • Customer Service

      Hello Beverly,

      What is the current model of sewing machine that you have right now?

      Becky NSC Video Membership

  3. Donna Brown

    Hi there I am wondering if you could advise me what machine this is. I have a much older sewing machine, a brother and a janome both about 10 yrs old. I am looking at upgrading and loved this video for the stitching she did. Thanks.

  4. Jenny

    I thought the video was helpful also. I am an organizing nut and I appreciate seeing how the lady has her sewing machine information organized in her notebook. I also think it’s a great idea to make swatches of stitches to see how big they actually are. I’ll be making myself a nifty notebook too! 🙂

  5. betsy

    I agree this was not a helpful video nor a dynamic speaker. I didn”t learn anything that could have been prints as “keep a notebook of stitches you learned during your classroom training”.

  6. MaryJo

    Good grief, what a bunch of Negative Nellies! I thought Tara did fine and gave helpful information.


    I enjoyed the video very much and as some before me, I would appreciate if you told me which sewing machine she is using. This has not been answered. Tks

  8. Tina Welch

    i have had my sewing machine for many years but am just reaching a point in life that permits me time to sew “just because”. i found this information very helpful. discussing practice stitches on different types of fabric. Also, she mentioned buttonholes which the idea of terrifies me, but her encouragement was timely for me. Thank you for making this information available.