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Duration:   5  mins

Hemming is one of the last tasks required to finish most projects and is sometimes the least favorite one to do because it can be tedious. ZJ Humbach shares several of her favorite sewing hemming tools that can make measuring, pressing and sewing a hem much faster and easier.

Measure and Press

While hems can be measured with either a standard ruler, measuring tape or hem gauge, these tools require you to measure and mark in many different areas in order to hem a long section. ZJ demonstrates how one of her favorite sewing hemming tools, the Dritz Ezy- Hem, can be use to measure a longer section at one time while also being able to press it with the tool still in place.

The Ezy-Hem has many different marking on it that allow you to measure and press both narrow and wide hems. Pressing the fabric with this sewing hemming tool still in place also makes for a nice crisp fold. ZJ then shows how you can use a quilting ruler to measure an even longer hem, though you can not press with this ruler in place. She explains what width of ruler she prefers to use and why. While these two are favorites of ZJ, there are also many more helpful tools and supplies.


Once a hem has been measured and pressed it is time to stitch it in place. ZJ shows several other sewing hemming tools that she likes to use to make sewing the hem easier. She shows how a certain common pincushion can be used to help make sewing easier by using it to sharpen the point on a hand sewing needle. She then demonstrates how another product, beeswax, can be used on thread when hand sewing a hem in place to make the thread less likely to tangle or break. Watch additional videos for more tips on how to effectively sew a hem.

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