Punch Needle Embroidery

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Duration:   18:49   mins

Jessica Giardino takes you through everything you need to know to create beautiful punch needle embroidery designs.

What is Punch Needle Embroidery?

Most people are familiar with hand and machine embroidery, but maybe not with punch needle embroidery. Jessica explains how long it has been around, where it came from and what some of the more popular punch needle embroidery patterns and designs look like. She also explains how it can be used to create an entire project, like a pillow sham, or used as an applique or other embellishment on a project, like on a shirt.


Punch needle embroidery requires a special tool. Jessica shows you what that tool is and how to use it. She also shows several different types and sizes of the tool, how they differ depending on what type of material you are doing the embroidery with, and what you intend the finished project to be used for. Jessica also shares with you her favorite tool to use.


Punch needle embroidery can be done using almost any type of embroidery floss, thread, yarn and even ribbon. Jessica takes you through some of the different options and explains what kind of look they can create on an embroidery project.

Fabric Types

While punch needle embroidery can use many different flosses, threads and yarns it is generally done on one type of fabric – weaver’s cloth. Jessica explains what it is, why it is the best fabric to use for punch needle embroidery and where it can be found in your local craft store. She also shows another fabric option that can be used if weaver’s cloth isn’t available.

Stitch Density

Punch needle embroidery is very versatile when it come to what you want the finished product to look like. However, it is important to have nice, evenly spaced stitches in order to create a uniform design. Jessica explains how far apart you want your stitches and rows of stitches to be and even shows several examples of stitching that is too close together and too far apart.

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