How to Make Shoulder Pads

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Duration:   15  mins

Shoulder pads have been in and out of style throughout the years. Jill Case will show you several types, explains how they can complement your figure and then show you how to make shoulder pads.

Types of Shoulder Pads

Not all shoulder pads are the same. Some shoulder pads are very thin and provide only minimal shaping. This type of shoulder pad generally creates a more casual look and is used in lighter-weight garments. A shoulder pad with medium thickness is typically found in sport coats. It gives the jacket structure and is considered a more professional look. This type of shoulder pad can also help add to your figure if you have narrow or smaller shoulders. A larger, thicker shoulder pad is most often found in coats, however it can be used in other garments to create a distinct style. Understanding these variations is critical when learning how to make shoulder pads.

Materials Needed

Jill shows you everything you’ll need to learn how to make shoulder pads – from the fabrics, to the padding and tools. The shoulder pads made in this video are constructed from muslin and then cotton. Muslin is a great fabric to use for sewing projects because it is easy to find and fairly inexpensive. It also allows you to see how your project will turn out before using a more expensive fabric. If you need additional alterations to a top, check out this video on how to make a full bust adjustment.

Attaching the Shoulder Pad

Once you’ve learned how to make shoulder pads, it’s time to attach them to your garment. Shoulder pads can be sewn in place along the center of the pad to the shoulder seam that connects the front and back of your garment. If the garment you are adding shoulder pads to is a style that does not have that shoulder seam you can also stitch the pad in place to the seam that connects the sleeve to the garment. If neither of these options work for the style of garment to which you are adding shoulder pads, try using velcro. A small amount of either stick-on or sew-on velcro can be adding to both the garment and the shoulder pad and will easily hold it in place. If you use velcro to make the shoulder pad removable and plan to wear it with and without the shoulder pad in place, attach the ‘loop’ side or softer side of the velcro to the garment and the other to the shoulder pad. This softer side will be more comfortable against your skin when the shoulder pad is not used.

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