How to Sew a Ruffle Detail

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Duration:   2  mins

Aurora Sisneros introduces you to a new and simpler sewing method for adding ruffle detail to your projects. Go through each step with Aurora and find out the tricks for making your ruffle details with crochet thread. It is time for you to start incorporating ruffles into your sewing projects while utilizing these helpful tips and techniques!

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11 Responses to “How to Sew a Ruffle Detail”

  1. Marcia

    Britta Erickson has the best method of making a ruffle that is easy to sew on:
    Make 2 lines of large length stitches about 1/4 to 1/2 inch apart. Pull on both bobbin threads together to gather the material to a flat, gathered area between the 2 stitches. You will now have a “highway” of gathered fabric which is very easy to stitch to another piece.

    While the single line of gathering is easy to do, it is quite difficult to attach to another piece without ending up with tucks, bunches, and an uneven length of the ruffle. Mainly because, as you can see in the video, the fabric is bunched and tucked on both sides of the gather with no flattish area on which to sew.

  2. Judy

    There is an easier way to gather the fabric. First increase your stitch length – I generally increase it to 4mm or 5mm.- Sew 2 lines of stitching (about 2mm apart) within the seam allowance on the “right” side of the fabric and when completed, pull the threads of both lines together from the wrong side of the fabric. Voila! You have gathers.

  3. Frances

    Your ideas are great – I think after reading the comments, just adding a little bit more to the explanations would help beginners. Just a suggestion because I think its a great site and reasonable – keep up the good work. For example, talk a little bit about the crochet thread and where you can find it. I know because i’m almost 70 and been sewing for a long time, but I love to see younger women loving the needle crafts. Just wonderful.

    • National Sewing Circle

      Thanks Frances for your great feedback. We love hearing from our customers. Have a great day!

  4. Britta Erickson

    Better, if you want the ruffled fabric to lie flat so it will be easy to sew onto something, is to sew two lines of stitches. So using this method I suppose you would sew two lines of zigzags over crochet thread.

  5. Cathy Sandell

    I am thoroughly confused ,is thecrochet thread used as a top or bobbin thread and are you picking up the crochet thread top or bottom or the original thread?

    • Jane Randolph Rhoads

      Zigzag over the crochet tread. Do not catch the needle in it at all.

    • Aurora Sisneros

      True Jane! You simply hold the crochet thread on top of the fabric, and then strategically zig zag over the top of it! Make sure not to catch the crochet thread with the machine needle, however – you want the crochet thread to run nicely underneath the zig zag stitch so you can pull and gather it! Clear as mud? ;) – Aurora

  6. Penny LovesSewing

    the crochet thread shown in this article is found in the craft dept. in most stores in the yarn area. It is a thinner yarn, almost like string. Aunt Lydias brand is very good. It is size 10. You’ll find that on the package and it is on a cardboard spool as shown up above.

    • Katie Harsha

      It is a thick thread usually used to make doilies and small flowers, butterflies.

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