Aurora Sisneros

Top-Stitching Tips for Sewing

Aurora Sisneros
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Duration:   1  mins

Aurora Sisneros reveals her special tricks for top stitching. Top stitching is an important finishing move that is used for almost every sewing project. Find out how beneficial these helpful tips and techniques really are. Enhance your sewing projects with these fun and easy tricks Aurora provides you.

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6 Responses to “Top-Stitching Tips for Sewing”

  1. AnnP

    How strange. I would never dream of using the zipper foot for this - and know absolutely no one who does!

  2. Karen Despres

    Eager to see your tips on top stitching.

  3. dawn zipper

    great tip to know

  4. Michael

    I had no idea about using a zipper foot for top stitching. I've always used the general foot or my Pfaff has the fancy stitch stitch foot without IDT. I find that top stitching comes out better when I do not use the IDT feature on my Pfaff.

  5. Madeleine

    I wish I had known of this tip sooner :/ I recently finished a project that had 3 lines of top stitching and really struggled keeping them straight and evenly spaced. Is there a tip for 3 lines?

  6. Bridgette Busby

    That was an awesome tip.

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