• 30:20

    Sew Your Dog a Coat

    Learn how to take your dog’s measurements and draw a custom pattern to make a stylish coat that fits them perfectly and keeps them cozy. Nicki LaFoille shows you how. Download the dog coat worksheet to keep track of your dog’s measurements. Once you’ve taken your dog’s measurements as described in the video and recorded…

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  • 31:08

    Make an Apron from a Men’s Shirt

    For shirts that are too large, or have holes in the sleeves or back, recycle the shirt front by turning it into a fun apron. Nicki LaFoille shows you how! Begin by cutting along the side seam, leaving the topstitched felled seam intact, if applicable. Nicki goes over how to alter the size of the…

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  • 26:57

    Sprout Drool Bib

    Whether for mealtimes or for a teething baby, Brenda K.B. Anderson designed this absorbent bandana-style bib to tuck up below the chin to catch excess drool or food spills. Download the bib templates and print. Follow Brenda’s instructions to tape together the pattern pieces. Cut out the designated pattern pieces from outer fabric, absorbent interlining,…

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  • 32:42

    Sprout Crinkle Paper Teether

    Babies love the sound of crinkle paper and love chewing on everything, especially when they’re teething. Rather than reusing household materials, Brenda recommends ordering crinkle material specifically designed for crafting, because it’s machine washable and durable. Find the link to the crinkle paper Brenda used in the full written instructions. You’ll also need a wooden…

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  • Flower fabric zippered basket

    Zippered Box Pouch

    Learn how to sew a zippered pouch for storing sewing notions or cosmetics. This boxy fabric pouch uses only two supplies and stitches up in no time. This zippered pouch pattern is made using quilting cotton for the outer and lining layers, but if a sturdier fabric basket is desired, Ashley recommends either fusing mediumweight…

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  • Flower fabric accordion pouch

    Sew an Accordion Pouch

    Learn how to sew a pouch using denim, cotton, and a magnetic closure. Seven different pockets create this expandable accordion pouch. Fabric Ashley discusses other fabric options for this accordion pouch, including tips for stabilizing quilter’s cotton to use instead of denim. From the outer and lining fabric, cut three 8”x16” and one 8”x21” rectangle.…

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  • Elastic book mark in a notebook

    Elastic Book Marks

    This quick stash-buster project uses fabric scraps and elastic to create a double-duty bookmark and pencil holder. Ashley Hough shows you how! Supplies Cut two fabric strips measuring 18”x2 ½” and 8”x2 ½”. Ashley uses ½”-wide elastic, but any width will work, provided it’s narrower than the finished bookmark. Prep To create the pocket, Ashley…

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  • Sewn horse plushie

    Animal Plushie

    Learn how to sew a stuffed animal using a horse plush pattern— Emily Steffen shows you how, plus tips and tricks to make sewing this project fun and easy! Getting Started Download the stuffed animal sewing pattern. Template 1 Template 2 From fabric, cut one body pair, one gusset pair and two ear pairs. From…

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  • Picnic bag basket

    Sew a Picnic Basket

    Emily Steffen demonstrates how to make a roomy picnic basket tote bag with tie handles. Learn the best type of interfacing to use for structure and sturdiness, plus how to box the bag corners to add dimension to the lower portion of the bag. Sew a Picnic Basket The bag requires two squares of outer…

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