Ashley Hough

How to Make Mittens Using Fleece

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   15  mins

Learn how to make mittens using fleece fabric. Ashley Hough shows you how to make mittens in three different sizes using an easy to read, downloadable pattern.

Download mitten pattern here

Pattern Sizes

This mitten pattern can be made in either small, medium or large. Ashley explains how to determine sizing and understanding the measurements written on the pattern pieces. She also shows an easy way to determine what size to make by simply laying a hand on the printed pattern piece. Remember to take seam allowance into account if you choose to use the method of laying your hand on the pattern piece.


Ashley shows how to make mittens using fleece fabric and a conventional sewing machine. She stitches the mitten pieces together using a quarter inch seam allowance, and then explains how you can trim the seam allowance if desired. Because fleece fabric doesn’t ravel it isn’t necessary to finish the seams. However, if you find it easier to use a serger when working with fleece or other bulky fabric you can do that as well. Ashley also explains that a zig-zag stitch can be used.

Thumb Gusset

Using this pattern to learn how to make mittens using fleece is fairly easy because there are only three pieces, however the thumb gusset can take some practice. The thumb gusset is what makes the mittens have a definite right and left hand as well as what gives the mittens more thumb range of motion. When stitching curves, like the thumb gusset, it is helpful to use plenty of pins to hold everything in place as you maneuver the mitten under your presser foot.


These mittens can be finished in a variety of ways, depending on your preference. Ashley shows how you can fold under the raw edge and zig-zag stitch it in place. She also shows how decorative stitches, buttons and other embellishments can be used on the mittens.

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4 Responses to “How to Make Mittens Using Fleece”

  1. Gloria Curry

    Your video and pattern are excellent and so easy to follow. I have a lot of fleece left over and now I know what to do with it. I will donate all these mittens to needy people and also homeless adults. Thanks for providing me with an easy remedy.

  2. Leslie

    I am not able to find the download for the mitten pattern where can I find it?

  3. JoAnn Kerr

    Where is the download for the pattern?

  4. Rhonda Slack

    The video says she says she will provide patterns but I can’t find it on the page?

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