Emily Steffen

DIY Birthday Crown

Emily Steffen
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Duration:   17  mins

A DIY birthday crown is the perfect quick and easy project to make for birthdays, celebrations, or everyday dress-up fun. Emily Steffen shows you step by step how to complete this fun project in various sizes to fit kids or adults.

How to Make a Fabric Crown

To show how to make a fabric crown, Emily begins by talking about the pattern pieces. The pattern, which is available to download, comes in two different sizes: a smaller size and a larger size. The size of the pattern you choose to use depends on whether you are making the fabric crown for kids or adults. Even though there are two different sizes of pattern available, the fabric crown itself is still somewhat adjustable in size once it is constructed.

Emily then talks about the fabric used for the crown and how many pieces need to be cut out. In addition to cutting out pattern pieces from fabric for this DIY birthday crown, Emily also shows what additional material is needed to help give the crown structure.

Once all pieces have been cut out, Emily shows how to layer all of the pieces and stitch them together. She gives tips on how to maneuver the fabric under the machine, how to pivot at the points and where to leave an opening for turning the right side out.

After the fabric crown has been stitched, trimmed, and turned right side out, Emily explains how to add the tie elements to the crown and finish the edges.

The last, and maybe most fun part of this homemade birthday crown, is personalizing it. Emily gives several ideas on how this can be done using different fabrics, trims, and even pom-poms. Once you’ve finished this project, try your hand at sewing stuffed toys or make these fun holiday gifts.

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