Emily Steffen

Swimsuit Wet Bag

Emily Steffen
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Duration:   20  mins

A wet bag is a perfect solution for transporting wet swimsuits and towels from the beach or the pool. The bag will keep all of the moisture and potential sand contained in the bag so that your car seats stay dry and clean. Then, once home the bag can be easily wiped out and left to dry. Learn how to sew a wet bag with Emily Steffen.

DIY Wet Bag


Emily begins by talking about the different types of fabrics that can be used for this DIY wet bag. The outside of the bag should be a heavier fabric that will stand up well to use, but that is still easy to clean. Emily recommends something like a canvas or outdoor fabric. The inside of the bag needs to be a waterproof or water-resistant fabric. Emily provides several different suggestions of both different types of fabrics that can be used for this part of the wet bag and also some other non-traditional materials that can be used.


Once the fabric has been selected, Emily explains how the front of the bag can be decorated or embellished as desired and also cut into different shapes to be customized as well.

Cut & Sew

She then shows how to cut out the outer front and back of the bag as well as the lining. Once the pieces have been cut, Emily shows how to begin to sew the wet bag by adding a zipper to the top. She explains that you do not have to have the exact length of zipper needed, rather you can easily cut the zipper to the length you need and add a new zipper stop. Once the zipper has been stitched to both sides of the outer bag and lining, Emily shows how to topstitch. Given the fabric being used and the fact that it does not take well to pins, Emily gives several tips on how to do this stitching without needing to pin or iron the project. Finally, Emily shows how to finish off the bag by stitching together the outer bag pieces and the lining. Once you see how fun and easy it can be to sew a wet bag, learn how to make a beach bag and a reversible tote bag.

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