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Using a Laundry Color Catcher When Preparing Fabric

Tara Rex
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When it comes to sewing, many people like to pre wash their fabrics. Whether you are washing a fabric that has many different colors on it or you want to wash multiple fabrics at once, Tara Rex shares with you a product that can prevent the colors in the fabric from running.

Washing Fabric

There are several different brands of laundry color catchers on the market today like the ones Tara shows. They can be referred to as either laundry color catchers or dye grabbers, but they essentially work the same way. As Tara shows, they are small sheets that look similar to dryer sheets or small towels that are added with the fabric as it is washed. Any color or dye that comes off of the fabric while it is being washed is absorbed by the laundry color catcher. In some cases it can then be reused, or it can be disposed. These products can also be used after you are finished sewing fabrics too, as well as used on any other garment, blanket or quilt you wash.

Other Options

As with most sewing tips, there is usually more that one way to do something. Another option to a laundry color catcher is a liquid solution that helps remove excess dye. There are several names and brands out there, like Synthrapol, but they all achieve a similar result. The liquid detergent is added to the wash with your fabric and removes any excess dye that is not completely bonded to the fabric. Doing this during pre washing your fabric will ensure that once the fabric is used in a project, colors will not run with repeated laundering. These products can also be used when washing projects after they have been completed to help keep any dyes that may come off the fabric from staining any other areas.

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5 Responses to “Using a Laundry Color Catcher When Preparing Fabric”

  1. Vicky Haynes

    I use these for almost all of my loads of laundry and am always amazed at the dye that is collected. Even seemingly white fabric may bleed some yellow or tan dye! I’m a huge believer in prewashing my fabric for exactly this reason. I’ve got a nice collection of dye sheets in every color of the rainbow and am considering how to use them somehow.

  2. Grammy2007

    I’m familiar with Color Catcher sheets andColor Grabbers ( another brand) but what is that brown cloth she referred to?

  3. Anna M Brock

    Another option is to use a teaspoon of Ground Black Pepper in the wash. It will set the dyes in and keep them from running at all. I use this technique with all new fabrics and clothing to keep the colors bright. It's an old trick that was used many years ago when people often dyed their own fabrics.

  4. Michele

    Some manufacturers of color catcher sheets also recommend to keep the catcher sheet with the wet washed clothes/fabric and toss it into the dryer when drying that load. It can continue to absorb color residue. Throw the dried used sheet away when done.

  5. Laurie

    I think this is great, But I always wash similar colors together anyway. Especially reds. Have had some red quilting fabrics run after several rinses.

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