How to Sew a Simple Luggage Tag

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Duration: 27:38

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Luggage tags are a quick and easy project that can help make locating your checked bags quick and easy! Learn how to make a luggage tag as Nicki LaFoille walks you through the process step-by-step.

How to Make a Luggage Tag

Materials & Supplies

Nicki begins by explaining what kinds of materials and supplies will be needed to sew the luggage tags. While she is making hers from cotton fabric, you can use other types of woven fabric as well. She explains that you will also need a small piece of clear vinyl fabric to create the window if the luggage tag, a grommet, grommet insertion tools and a length of cord or ribbon.


Nicki then explains what size to cut the fabric in order to begin sewing the luggage tag. Once you see how the tag comes together, adjusting the size pieces to cut to create a larger or smaller tag can be easily done.

Cut & Sew

Nicki then shows how to cut, sew and fold the pieces of cotton fabric in order to create a small window for the vinyl. She then explains how to sew the vinyl in place. While overall this project is quick and easy, it can also be a good introduction to working with a new and different fabric like clear vinyl. Nicki then shows how to finish up sewing the remaining pieces of cotton fabric to put the luggage tag together.

Once the tag has been sewn, Nicki explains that there needs to be an opening at the top in order to attach the length of ribbon or cord. She shows how to insert a grommet using grommet insertion tools, but explains that if these are not readily available, a small buttonhole can be used as well.

All Complete!

Once you’ve learned how to sew a luggage tag, see more fun and easy projects like learning how to sew a travel game board and sewing your own first aid kit and pill holder.