Travel Game Board

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Duration: 23:32

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If you are someone who does a lot of traveling or camping and are looking for ways to keep your family entertained – learn how to make your own board game that can easily be rolled up and taken with you.

Travel Game Board

Ashley Hough shows you how to make your own board game board that can be used for checkers, chess or any other game that requires a similar board. For this fun project, you will only need small amounts of cotton fabric, a zipper of any length 11” or less, and then either the pieces you need for your game or lots of large buttons.

Ashley shows how to begin making the game board by starting with strips of contrasting fabric. While this project can be made from any color of fabric you want, Ashley explains that the more the colors contrast the easier it will be to see the different spaces of the board for both sewing and using the board to play games.

Ashley shows how to layout one color of the strips all going in one direction and then shows how to add the other color of strips going in the opposite direction and weave them together. Once all of the strips are woven and pinned in place, Ashley explains the different ways they can be stitched down.

After the top of the game board has been made, Ashley demonstrates how to add a back to the board and then how to create a zipper pouch. While the zipper pouch is optional, it is a great addition when making your own board game so that all of the pieces needed for the game can be transported together.

Ashley then shows how to finish up the project with some ties to hold everything together. If you had fun learning how to make your own board game, check out more fun projects!