Nicki LaFoille

Sew Your Dog a Coat

Nicki LaFoille
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Duration:   30  mins

Learn how to take your dog’s measurements and draw a custom pattern to make a stylish coat that fits them perfectly and keeps them cozy. Nicki LaFoille shows you how.

Download the dog coat worksheet to keep track of your dog’s measurements.

Once you’ve taken your dog’s measurements as described in the video and recorded them on the worksheet, Nicki shows you how to use those measurements to draw the pattern. On a large sheet of paper, Nicki demonstrates how to easily plot out the measurement points and calculate the correct shape for the dog coat.

Nicki also shows you how to curve the sharp corners of the pattern, to make binding the perimeter of the dog coat easier. Nicki recommends testing the pattern on your dog after cutting out the coat, to determine if adjustments are necessary.

Nicki talks about different fabrics to use for the dog coat, and when you might want to make a double-layer coat, for extra warmth. Fleece is a good option for a dog coat, as it is comfy and warm.

Once you’ve cut out your dog’s coat, you will also determine how much binding to cut by measuring the pattern outer perimeter and multiplying by two, as the pattern is drawn on the fold. Nicki recommends using knit binding, to make curving around the tight corners easier.

Nicki demonstrates how to stitch the binding to the coat on the right side, then wrap the raw edges around to the wrong side and stitch the remaining binding raw edge. Then, Nicki demonstrates how to attach Velcro to the neck and chest straps to make it easy to get the coat on and off a wiggly pet.

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