ZJ Humbach

Make Your Own Ironing Board Cover

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   5  mins

Making your own ironing board cover may seem a little complicated because of the shape of an ironing board, the fit, and the fabric used, but ZJ Humbach shows you that it can be quickly and easily.

How to Sew an Ironing Board Cover

Before you learn how to make an ironing board cover, ZJ first explains the type of fabric that it will need to be made from. She explains that Iron Quick fabric is a strong, heat-reflective fabric that works to not only protect your ironing board, but help give you a good, crisp press. She explains that Iron Quick fabric can be found at many fabric stores as well as online and also comes in several different size varieties, depending on how large of an ironing board you need to cover. She shows a package of the fabric that she used to make her small cover, but also mentions that it can be purchased on the bolt.

ZJ then explains that in order to make an ironing board cover, you will need to make some kind of ironing board cover pattern or template. This can easily be done by tracing the old cover that is removed.

ZJ shows how to remove the old ironing board that needs to be replaced and how to remove the ties and get it so that it can be traced for a template. Once you have the ironing board cover pattern, ZJ explains how to easily construct the cover by finishing the edges and creating the casing for the tie.

After you make your own DIY ironing board cover, consider adding other additional ironing board improvements. You can also consider improving your iron by learning how to clean your iron, which will help to make sure your iron functions properly and doesn’t leave any unwanted marks on your fabric.

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One Response to “Make Your Own Ironing Board Cover”

  1. Jon Spangler

    Why not use a heavier all-cotton fabric? I have seen many tailors' ironing and sleeve boards covered with a plain, off-white cotton cover that is almost like a denim in weight....

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