Favorite Tools: Applique Pressing Sheet

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An applique pressing sheet can be a very helpful tools when it comes to building and applying appliques. ZJ Humbach shares her favorite applique pressing sheet and shows how to use it.

Applique Tips

Depending on the applique design you are creating, there could be multiple small pieces required. Having a way to assemble those small pieces together before fusing them onto your fabric or project can be extremely helpful, and that is where an applique pressing sheet comes in.

ZJ shows what her favorite applique pressing sheet looks like and explains some of its uses. She then shows how to use it to assemble an applique design with multiple pieces. Because of the fact that the pressing sheet is somewhat sheer and you can see through it, you can use it in combination with the printed applique pattern or design underneath to line up the pieces. ZJ demonstrates how this can be done.

She also explains how the pieces themselves can be fused together on top of the pressing sheet and then still be fused again onto fabric before it is stitched in place. When sewing with applique, being able to fuse or adhere your shapes and pieces in place first can make sewing them much quicker and easier.

While an applique pressing sheet may not be considered an essential sewing tool for beginners, it is definitely a tool you should consider having if you plan on putting together applique designs with multiple pieces. Another tool you may want to consider having it fusible web meant for applique. While there are several different types and brands of fusible webs and adhesives available, having one that is pressure-sensitive and easy to reposition can make assembling multi-piece designs much easier as you can press and secure the pieces in place before you have to permanently fuse them in place.

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