How to Put Snaps on Fabric

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Duration: 12:05

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Snaps are a quick and easy closure for everything from garments to accessories and even home decor. ZJ Humbach shows you how to put snaps on fabric and even gives some additional fun ideas on how snaps can be used.

Applying Snaps

ZJ starts by showing some of the different types and styles of snaps available on the market today. Snaps can be found in plain, basic varieties as well as more ornate or decorative varieties. The type of snap you choose to use can depend on where you plan to use the snap. On some garment projects snaps can be hidden, meaning smaller, less visible snaps are more ideal. However, snaps being used on some home decor sewing projects can be more decorative. Another thing you may want to keep in mind when selecting snaps is how often a project is going to be washed. If you are making a project that is going to be laundered often, like a fun project learning how to make a fabric towel dispenser roll, you will want to make sure the snaps you use will hold up.

How to Put Snaps on Fabric

Once you’ve selected the snap you want to use, ZJ shows you how to put snaps on fabric. She begins by explaining the difference between the two halves of a snap. Each half of a snap is made up of two pieces, one that goes on the right side of the fabric and one that goes on the wrong side. She shows how to put snaps on fabric using a snap tool and a hammer. ZJ then shares a fun idea where one half of a snap can be attached to a piece of furniture and another half to a piece of fabric, so that the fabric will stay secured to the furniture.