DIY Cactus Pincushion

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Pincushions can be cute as well as functional. Make a fun diy cactus pincushion from felt that can be put into a small pot so it sits nicely on a sewing room table- Ashley Hough shows you how.

Supplies and Construction

To make these fun diy cactus pincushions all you need are the pattern pieces for the cactus you wish to make, or for all three, small amounts of felt, polyester fiberfill, a small pot and some craft glue. Additional optional supplies include small river rocks and pom poms. Ashley first shows you how to cut out all of the pattern pieces and explains that each different pincushion has different numbers of pattern pieces.

She then explains how to construct the diy cactus pincushion that only has one piece by zig-zag stitching around the edges of the pieces. The bottom of the cactus is left open so it can be stuffed. She then demonstrates how to assemble the other cactus, which have more pieces. Once the cactus bodies have been stitched Ashley shows how to stuff them and add a small circle of felt to the bottom to keep the stuffing in place.

Ashley also shows how to fill up the bottom part of the small pot with river rocks so the pincushion is slightly weighted and the cactus has something to sit on. She then shows how to secure the rocks in place and how to secure the pincushion into the pot.

Once all of the diy cactus pincushions have been made, Ashley shows how to embellish them with small cactus flowers. She shows how to cut out small circles of felt, fold them in half and stitch them and then make small slits around the perimeter of the circle to create cactus flower petals. If you enjoyed making these diy cactus pincushions check out more sewing project ideas including how to sew pincushion pies.

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