Sew an Accordion Pouch

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Duration: 51:52

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Learn how to sew a pouch using denim, cotton, and a magnetic closure. Seven different pockets create this expandable accordion pouch.


Ashley discusses other fabric options for this accordion pouch, including tips for stabilizing quilter’s cotton to use instead of denim.

From the outer and lining fabric, cut three 8”x16” and one 8”x21” rectangle. From the outer fabric, cut two 3” squares for attaching the magnetic closure.


Align one outer and one lining rectangle with right sides together. Stitch the perimeter using a ¼” seam allowance, leaving an opening centered along one long edge.

Repeat to stitch each outer and lining rectangle. Ashley demonstrates the ‘double clip’ method for clipping heavyweight fabric corners. Turn the rectangle right side out; press. Ashley gives tips for evenly topstitching each rectangle to close the openings.

To assemble the pouch, align two rectangles with outer fabrics together and stitch a 6 ½” long rectangle, beginning and ending 1 ½” in from each corner along one short edge.

Ashley shows how to align and stitch the next short rectangle to the opposite end of the previous rectangle. Attach the long rectangle to the opposite edge of the previous rectangle using the same rectangular stitch pattern.

Ashley demonstrates how to finish the edges of each 3” square, then attach the magnetic closure onto the pouch.

Once all rectangles are attached with the inner-pocket stitching, Ashley demonstrates how to create the large pockets by pairing the layers with the linings together. Stitch ¼” from the edge, from the upper edges to the lower fold. Repeat to stitch all four pocket edges on each side.

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